Catalogue Sales

Uncover the hidden value within your music catalogue with our expert guidance.

Catalogue Sales

Uncover the hidden value within your music catalogue with our expert guidance

Why Artists Sell Their Catalogues?


Calculate The Value of Your Music Catalogue Instantly!

Discover the potential value of your music catalogue with our Catalogue Sale calculator. Different buyers use various methodologies to determine prices, typically analyzing the last three to five years of earnings, third-party royalties or buyouts, potential third-party claims, and the natural decline in earnings over time. Our tool provides an instant estimate, helping you understand your options without waiting years to receive money from masters and copyrights.


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Unlock the Value of Your Music Assets

Are you ready to turn your music publishing rights, masters, sync royalties, streaming income, or writer’s shares into cash? Have a music catalog you’re eager to sell?

Or are you on the hunt for music catalogs, publishing rights, masters, copyrights, or other music IPs? Dreaming of owning an entire entertainment company?

Whether buying or selling, we provide expert, tailored solutions to maximize your success in the music and entertainment industry. Let’s make your next big move happen!

Work with the top IP Music Broker In the Industry

Music IP is a complex and confusing industry. It’s hard to know where to start or who can help you make the right decisions about buying and selling music publishing catalogs, masters, and other valuable intellectual property assets.

We’re here for you! Big Boss Music has decades of experience in the music industry, and we’d love to put our knowledge and contacts to work for you.

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Catalogue Sales



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