B I G  B O S S  M U S I C







A&R Consultancy

Multiple award-winning company, involved over 1 billion streams/views worldwide and counting.

BBM specializes in all aspects of the music business. We have first-hand experience of distribution (both major & indie), publishing, marketing & promotion, business, and legal affairs, label & project management, licensing, artist management, sponsorships, and digital strategies with a vast knowledge of the international entertainment industry and all commercial aspects pertaining to this matter. 


We have clients in the Netherland, Europe, Asia, The Middle East, South, and North America whom we consult on a long-term basis and work with/for hand in hand to develop cohesive strategies for the advancement of their companies.


BB Studio

BB studios are available for fee or royalty/copyright percentage.

The studios have been custom made to the highest recording standards, best insulation & acoustics in the game.

Multiple award winning producer, #1 in the charts and with more than 1 billion streams under his name, Yoda: "Dryest recording room I've been in!"

It's a plug and play system and 100% ready to use!


5 to 10 different recording studios can be made available to suit your needs, be that for a writing camp or catering to specific artist or pitch.




BBM only works with people and/or organizations completely devoted to their craft. Those with the highest work standards, whose only aim is to deliver outstanding quality.

We're willing to go the extra mile for you to make sure you accomplish the successes you set your mind to.

Talent only gets you halfway there. 

A great team is what matters most.

Dream big, work smart, achieve more.


Exclusive Toplines & Beats

We pride ourselves only on working with the best songwriters, producers, mix and master engineers in the world. Do you need new songs specially made for you as a single (s) or an entire project by certified hitmakers? We got you from A to Z including the studio facilities and the mixing and mastering of your project. Hit us up for the best and most complete chart conquering experience out there.

BeatVox is our way to meet all industry demands regarding toplines and beats.  We customise our work to your needs and go above and beyond for you to accomplish every musician's goal, the tracks of your dreams. Browse our toplines and beats and don't forget to check our general terms.



Music Publishing

In partnership with leading independent company AT Publishing, Big Boss Music has set up a music publishing venture to help songwriters, producers, and artists to capitalize on their own talent. We do this by setting up studio sessions with other writers, organizing writing camps, pitching songs to artists and labels, and helping to find collaborations with other artists. With an international infrastructure and offices all over the world, Bossed Up Publishing & AT Publishing can support songwriters globally, both on a creative and administrative level.


BB Music Group

Be better music group is a record label with a unique stand point. It’s main goal is to let the backbone of the music industry be heard. 
We’ve created a platform were producers and singer songwriters, who’ve never had the chance to showcase their music but still have written most of your favourite tunes, to shine with their own light.
Stepping aside from the industry’s archaic view of what an artist should look or sound like, we offer the artist total freedom to portray themselves as they wish. 
It’s all about good music, and taking back the power to express your creativity without boundaries.
We’re the minority, so supporting each other is where we draw the most strength,  no matter your sex, race, religion or creed. If your soul and your music are from the heart, we’ll make sure you’ll be heard!