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Big Boss Music is a highly acclaimed, multi-Grammy award-winning music agency, renowned for our expertise in catalogue sales and deal-making. We are the curators of musical legacies, dedicated to finding new homes for timeless pieces of art.

Our primary focus lies in the acquisition and sale of music catalogues. We meticulously evaluate and manage extensive collections of songs, ensuring they are matched with buyers who appreciate their value and potential. Our approach is discerning and strategic, guaranteeing that each catalogue transaction reflects the true worth of the music.

In the realm of deal-making, we excel at brokering deals for publishing, master royalties, and PRO (Performing Rights Organization) agreements. We work closely with our Billboard-winning partners, leveraging their success and experience to add immense value to our projects.

To ensure the utmost integrity and security in every transaction, we are proud to collaborate with Singh Singh & Trauben, our esteemed legal team. Their expertise in music and entertainment law provides a solid foundation for our operations, safeguarding the interests of our clients and ensuring all agreements are airtight and fair.

Our comprehensive suite of services extends beyond catalogue sales and deal brokering. We offer business management, pitching, music production, worldwide sessions and camps, artist development, sync licensing, and global promotion. Our accomplished in-house A&R team and dedicated marketing division work in tandem to identify promising talent, nurture their potential, and effectively promote their work to ensure maximum visibility and success.

At Big Boss Music, our mission goes beyond the mere facilitation of transactions. We are committed to preserving the integrity and legacy of the music we handle, ensuring it continues to inspire and resonate. Through our expertise in catalogue sales and deal-making, bolstered by our award-winning partners and top-tier legal support, we uphold a standard of excellence that honors the artistry behind every note.


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