Neighbouring Rights

Manage neighboring rights to ensure that artists receive compensation for the use of their recordings.

Neighbouring Rights

Neighbouring Rights: Ensuring Fair Play, Everywhere Your Music Goes

What Are Neighbouring Rights?


Exclusive Neighbouring Rights Administration with Big Boss Music

Big Boss Music specializes in maximizing earnings for exclusive clients through expert neighbouring rights administration. Neighbouring rights royalties come from the public performance, broadcasting, and other uses of sound recordings. Our dedicated team ensures top compensation, allowing clients to focus on their music.

Services Provided:

  • Rights Registration: Proper registration with relevant collecting societies.
  • Royalty Collection: Tracking and collecting royalties from multiple sources.
  • Transparent Reporting: Detailed reports on performance and revenue.
  • Global Reach: Managing and monetizing neighbouring rights internationally.
  • Legal Support: Expert legal advice for neighbouring rights needs.
  • Tailored Solutions: Personalized services for unique requirements.
  • Rights Administration: Handling all aspects of rights administration, from registrations to compliance.

Big Boss Music offers comprehensive neighbouring rights administration to ensure clients receive the full compensation they deserve.

About Neighbouring Rights

Neighboring rights are public performance royalties paid to the owners of sound recordings when their work is played in public venues, on radio, TV, or digital platforms. These rights differ from performance rights, which cover the musical composition itself and pay the songwriter and publisher. Instead, neighboring rights benefit the recording artist and the record label.

These royalties are collected by international agencies to ensure that artists and labels are compensated for public performances of their recordings. While many countries recognize neighboring rights, the United States does not pay these royalties for traditional broadcasts like radio and TV. However, the U.S. does pay them for digital platforms through organizations like SoundExchange. This discrepancy dates back to the 1961 Rome Convention, which the U.S. did not sign.

Neighboring rights have become a significant revenue source for the music industry, with global income from these rights growing substantially in recent years. Efforts like the “Fair Play, Fair Pay” Act aim to change U.S. laws to align with international standards, though such legislation has yet to pass. Neighboring rights are crucial for ensuring that performers and producers are fairly compensated for their contributions to the music industry.

Neighbouring Rights • The Biggest Secret in the Music Industry



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