PRO Agreements

We facilitate agreements with Performance Rights Organizations to ensure that our artists receive royalties from public performances and broadcasts.

PRO Agreements

Get the most favorable terms in your PRO agreements, empowering you to focus on your music

Performing Rights Organizations • What Are They?


Which PRO is Best for Me?

Choosing the right Performing Rights Organization (PRO) ensures your royalties are collected when music is publicly performed. Here’s a quick guide to global options:


  • Pros: Non-profit, transparent, educational resources.
  • Cons: $50 fee, high competition.


  • Pros: No fee, artist development, flexible agreements.
  • Cons: Less frequent payments, higher administrative costs.

SESAC (USA, by invitation)

  • Pros: Personalized service, efficient payments.
  • Cons: Invitation-only, for-profit structure.

PRS for Music (UK)

  • Pros: Global reach, regular payments.
  • Cons: Membership fees, complex structure.

SOCAN (Canada)

  • Pros: Member-focused, innovative tracking.
  • Cons: Administrative fees, potential delays.

APRA AMCOS (Australia/New Zealand)

  • Pros: Strong regional presence, comprehensive services.
  • Cons: Membership fees, complexity in managing rights.

GEMA (Germany)

  • Pros: Precise tracking, strong European network, professional support.
  • Cons: Membership fees, bureaucratic processes.

SACEM (France)

  • Pros: Extensive network, comprehensive services, legal assistance.
  • Cons: Membership fees, complex administration.

SGAE (Spain)

  • Pros: Cultural focus, wide coverage, educational resources.
  • Cons: Membership fees, potential payment delays.

BUMA/STEMRA (Netherlands)

  • Pros: Strong regional support, precise tracking.
  • Cons: Membership fees, complex registration

Factors to Consider

  • Career Stage: Emerging artists might prefer BMI or SOCAN; established ones might lean towards ASCAP, PRS, or GEMA.
  • Support and Services: Consider workshops, networking events, and resources.
  • Payment and Transparency: Evaluate royalty payment practices.
  • Flexibility: Look into contractual terms and regional reach.

Expertise in PRO Deal Brokering

We specialize in brokering PRO deals, securing optimal terms and protections for our clients.


Choosing the right PRO maximizes earnings and safeguards rights. For expert assistance in brokering PRO deals, contact us.

PRO Advances: Navigating the New Landscape

Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) like ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC collect and distribute performance royalties. Advances from PROs, while less common, do happen and work similarly to label and publishing advances—artists receive royalties only after the advance is recouped.

Changing Market Dynamics

With increasing competition, PROs like ASCAP and BMI are starting to offer non-recoupable advances, a shift driven by for-profit competitors.

High-Stakes Deals

Superstar artists are securing large, non-recoupable advances. For example, Kendrick Lamar reportedly sought an advance over $10 million, with a significant non-recoupable portion, before signing with BMI.

Industry Trends

Legal disputes have revealed ASCAP’s non-recoupable bonuses, ranging from $200-500K every three years, encouraging frequent catalog moves.


Non-recoupable advances, once rare, are becoming more common as competition from invite-only PROs like SESAC and GMR intensifies, reflecting changes in the music industry.

How Performing Rights Organizations Collect & Pay Royalties to Songwriters



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