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Discover our other divisions such as The Superstar Brokers, Big Boss Music Group and Big Boss Latin.

BBM • Divisions

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The Superstar Brokers

The Superstar Brokers, a privately held limited liability company based in Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands, is a full-service brokering agency known for its exceptional brokering services in capital raising, music catalog acquisitions and global business development.

Big Boss Latin

Big Boss Latin is the brand new division of Big Boss Music, created by Amerildo de Krijger and Emy Perez, born out of a transformative six-month journey in Medellin, Colombia. During our time in this vibrant city, we developed an amazing vision to help artists, producers, and songwriters reach their full potential through globalization. Our mission is to bridge the gap between Latin American talent and the global music industry, empowering creatives to share their extraordinary gifts with the world.

Big Boss Music Group

Big Boss Music Group is the Unlimited Distribution Services division within our company, dedicated to ensuring your music reaches a global audience. Through our collaboration with The Orchard, we provide seamless distribution to major platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube. Our services include digital distribution, physical distribution of vinyl, CDs, and merchandise, and comprehensive reporting and analytics. We also offer marketing support, playlist pitching, and promotional campaigns to amplify your reach. With Big Boss Music Group, your music is available wherever fans choose to listen, ensuring a boundless impact.


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