Iván Daniel Villalobos Guanipa, known professionally as AIVAN, is a promising Venezuelan musician and music producer born in Maracaibo and raised in Churuguara. From a young age, he showcased his musical talents in singing and piano, displaying perfect pitch. After moving to Caracas, he studied at the prestigious singing academy led by Professor Manolo de Freitas, enhancing his vocal skills. Iván became a backing vocalist for renowned musical productions, participated in the Venezuelan song for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and co-founded the label LAI MUSIC, achieving radio success.

Iván also appeared on the reality show “Primer Aplauso,” to Medellín, Colombia, he collaborated with artists like Vico C, Paulina Rubio, Gustavo Elis, and Manuel Turizo. He has worked with emerging artists and esteemed producers, and has been involved in projects with Jerry Di, Micro TDH, and others. With over seven years of experience, AIVAN is a producer with immense potential, aiming to leave a lasting mark on the Latin American and global music scene.

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