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Christon Kloosterboer, born on August 5, 1982, in Almelo, Netherlands, is a prominent Dutch musician, singer-songwriter, and producer. Known for his versatility and captivating performances, Christon has left a significant mark on the Dutch music scene.

Early Life and Career

Christon’s musical journey began in a family that fostered his passion for music. He quickly became proficient in multiple instruments, laying the groundwork for his diverse sound. In 2008, he gained national attention as the lead vocalist and guitarist of **Rigby**, a band that achieved commercial success with their debut album *Everything Must Go* (2009).

Solo Career

After Rigby disbanded in 2013, Christon launched a successful solo career, releasing his debut album *Volatile* in 2014. The album was praised for its introspective lyrics and sophisticated production, showcasing his ability to blend pop, rock, and folk influences.

Songwriting and Production

Beyond performing, Christon is a prolific songwriter and producer, crafting songs for various artists and projects. His work behind the scenes highlights his deep understanding of music composition and production.

Current Endeavors

Christon remains active in the music industry, continuously working on new projects and exploring new musical territories. His dedication to his craft and ability to connect with audiences keep his music fresh and relevant.


Christon Kloosterboer continues to inspire with his passion for music, maintaining a strong connection with his fans and leaving an enduring influence on the Dutch music industry.

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