Juan Miguel Pineda Vásquez: The Rise of DJ CURREN

Juan Miguel Pineda Vásquez, also known as CURREN, is a DJ/Producer from Medellín, Colombia. His passion for extreme sports and the urban vibe of the skate scene were the pillars that led him to discover his love for the music that surrounded him daily.

From an early age, CURREN discovered his talent in music production, excelling in instruments like drums, piano, and guitar. These skills were the gateway to his entry into the music industry, where he has managed to shine both on stage with his DJ sets and behind the scenes with productions for well-known artists.

Artists such as corrido tumbado pioneer Natanael Cano, American rapper Lil Mosey, and global hit producers Subelo NEO and Rvssian are among the collaborators and creative sessions in which CURREN has participated. His talent has allowed him to work on songs with artists of this caliber while staying true to his roots in the new wave of talent from Medellín.

Currently, CURREN is working on new projects, aiming to expand his portfolio of collaborations and original creations. He continues to make his mark in genres like trap, reggaeton, and electronic music. All his music is available on digital streaming platforms such as Spotify and YouTube.

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