Daisy Guttridge


Growing up three hours outside of London in Birmingham, England, Daisy Guttridge longed to be a singer in Los Angeles. She began performing at 10 years old and by 13, she had taught herself guitar and piano and began recording covers on YouTube. At 15, she began writing her own songs, performing acoustic sets and secured a residency performing at a local champagne bar.

On a visit to Los Angeles at 16 years old, Daisy’s dedication to her craft paid off. Recognized for her sultry vocals and outstanding songwriting abilities, Daisy secured a songwriting deal with MPA and moved to the US to record and write for A-list acts.

In addition to writing for several other artists, Daisy has been focusing on releasing music with Hippie Sabotage, working with Tommy Trash, and will be going on the Chasing The Wild Tour. Influenced by the Carpenters and Stevie Nicks, Daisy has a smooth, sensual appeal. With a voice just as bold as her spirit, Daisy is a proud animal rights activist and champion for the LGBT community.

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