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Cristian Breider Agudelo Gutiérrez – Colombian born in Itagüí Antioquia on July 13, 1993. He is also known in the artistic world as Fleiva. Urban artist, music producer and founder of “The Platinum Corp.”

Like every music lover since he was a child, he had been singing on stage since he was 6 years old. He finished primary school in Itagui, then at the age of 13 it sparked his interest in producing his own music. Installing software called Adobe Audition in which he began to record and edit his own creations at home. As he gained experience he was producing his own songs. When he was highlighted for the quality of his work, some local artists who heard about him invited him to work on his musical productions. Fleiva, as a producer, began to generate income to invest by buying his own equipment, improving the quality of sound and recording. At the age of 15 he was able to structure his first semi-professional home music recording and editing studio. The first “Fleiva Records Studio” was located in a room in the house where Fleiva lived with his mother and older brother in Envigado.

In 2014, Fleiva had the opportunity to relocate its studio, with an improvement in structure and equipment, locating itself in the El Poblado sector, a sector with a great urban artistic movement and where the tourist and nightlife area is located, right next to it. of “Lleras Park”.

There he began to become more known in the media and on the networks, thus having clients who sought him out for his good work, always also working on his musical project as a performing artist, his first mixtape was called “this is my house” which It contained 12 tracks produced by Fleiva, due to the good work it opened doors and became known in many places in the city and the country. He finished his secondary studies at the age of 17 in Envigado to dedicate himself fully to music. He had the opportunity to work in a team with Nicky Jam as an engineer on the song ” Hacerte Asi Remix ” and in several productions that managed to be heard in the FM Radio.

At the end of 2014 he was able to build his musical company in an office in the town with an improvement in structure and equipment, there he had the opportunity to work with many national and international exponents and producers such as Farina, Ryan Castro, Blessed, Sech, Arcangel , Brray, Jamby El Favo, J Alvarez, Pipe Calderon, Landa Freak, Eliot the Wizard of Oz, Denni Wei, Dj Wassie, Radio Mc, among others.

Fleiva is currently part of the production team of the artist Farina with whom she has been working on some important collaborations that will be on her album such as Jowel & Randy, Wisin & Yandel, Darell, Polima West Coast, Kevin Florez, among others, while at the same time While he continues working on his recording project as an artist-producer, which will feature several local and international artists.

Fleiva’s vision is to lead its own company, being its producer-artist-performer, thus seeking to support and sign emerging talents through strategic alliances and to be able to produce and position said prospects, as its catalog of participations increasingly increases on an individual level as an artist-producer and on a group level under the company he leads.

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