Juan Pablo Pineda: The Rise of JnPaul

Juan Pablo Pineda, better known as JnPaul, is part of the new generation of music producers in Colombia. With over 10 years in the music industry, he began practicing various instruments such as the guitar, drums, and piano from an early age. These foundational tools were crucial for JnPaul’s artistic growth, allowing him to delve deeper into the development of his professional project.

JnPaul’s versatility and talent have enabled him to stand out on stages like the acclaimed Estéreo Picnic festival, among others. Being immersed in this environment sparked his curiosity to venture into producing musical pieces across various genres, especially urban music. This has led to collaborations and sessions with artists such as the Cuban performers Chris Tamayo and Yotuel, American rapper Playboy Fresh, and Colombian producer Chain Trackz, who has been behind hits for reggaeton singer Kevin Roldán.

Currently, JnPaul is working on collaborations set to be released on various streaming platforms with international artists as well as emerging Colombian talent, including trap artist Kris R. His primary goal is to inspire new generations to grow in the music industry through his musical productions.

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