Juan Yanez “Killzbeatz UZ” was born in Maracay, Venezuela in 1982. He has been a music producer and composer since 1999, specialising in the genres of Rap, Trap, Synthwave, Pop, and fusions that bring his productions to a distinctive and avant-garde level.

Killzbeatz UZ is one of the pioneers of Hip-Hop in his hometown, alongside music producer Leonardo Díaz “Afromak.” Together, they initiated the Hip-Hop movement in Maracay, Aragua, creating the careers of several renowned artists in the Venezuelan Rap genre. In 2009, he decided to create the record label DaHawk Music with his friend and colleague David Garmendia “El Halcón,” achieving numerous collaborations resulting in the production of two albums for the artist “Ex- La Corte Imperia” Big Habanna. He worked with legends of Puerto Rican rap Lito y Polaco, the legend “Maestro,” Lápiz Consiente, and many others. Later, with his colleague Isabella Primera “Itzza Primera,” he developed the label The Hitmachine, where they began the last album of the iconic Venezuelan rap artist Tirón Oramas, better known as Canserbero, named “Renacer.” This album was not fully completed due to the artist’s untimely death. After this tragic event, Killzbeatz decided to move to Bogotá in mid-2011 and eventually settled in Medellín, where he reconnected with other artists from his country. He has significant collaborations on iconic tracks with emerging artists from his country in that year, such as BigSoto, MicroTDH, Jeeiph, ADSO, Trainer, and later with the artist King Pride. He achieved several international collaborations with artists like Químico Ultramega, RVS, MKS SSJ of the FMS, among others.

His versatility and passion for music have propelled a variety of artists in different musical genres to reach new levels. With an impressive career spanning years of dedication and collaboration, Killzbeatz UZ has proven to be a true visionary in music production. His innate musical talent has made him a recognised name in the music scene, not only in his country but also internationally.

Killzbeatz has worked with an impressive array of artists and producers, some of whom he has collaborated with include: Canserbero, Akapellah, Apache, Nina Fresh, King Pride, Victor el Nasi, Reis Belico, EarCandy, Jeeiph, Big Soto, Trainer, Chucho Flash, Tao, RVS “FMS”, MKS SSJ “FMS”, ADSO Alejandro, Big Habana, Quimico Ultramega, Robert Tiamo, Polaco El Undertaker, Gregory Palencia, Gona DLI, MicroTDH, Lapiz Consiente, JKing & Maximan, Lito MC Cassidy, Jowell, Reggi el Autentico, Rap Bang Club, Nacho, Dragon Rojo, Latin Boy, Patoranking, in addition to collaborations with notable companies such as Sony Music, Warner Music, Audi, Toyota, Discovery Channel, Netflix, and many others.

Killzbeatz UZ’s commitment to innovation drives him to continue breaking boundaries and creating a lasting impact in the industry. His vision is a beacon of creativity that lights the way for artists who wish to transcend limits and explore new musical horizons. His legacy as a music visionary continues to grow, and his influence extends far beyond the borders of Venezuela, Colombia, and Latin America.


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