Tenso Beats


Rodrigo Mata “Tenso Beats” was born in Caracas-Venezuela in 1988, music producer and composer since 2006 when he began to fuse music styles such as R&b, Dancehall, Reggaeton and various rhythms giving his productions a unique and fresh sound. In 2011 he was part of the Live Music Venezuela team, a project led by Jowell of the duo (Jowell Randy), which opened the opportunity for him to collaborate with emerging artists on the Venezuelan scene.

Since 2015 he has resided in the city of Medellin – Colombia, where he achieved an important collaboration with Reykon and Maluma, titled “Latina”, which received certification from the RIIA with a gold and platinum record, and later the remix with Tyga and Becky G ; To date, Tenso has added to his career collaborations with artists such as Luis Fonsi, Lenny Tavares, Lunay, Eladio Carrion, Blessed, Annitta, Lola indigo, among others.

TensoBeats comes with a clear vision to continue producing hits and position itself as an artist producer in the industry, to make more known about its influence and identity when creating rhythms and producing Latin, American and more styles, achieving important meetings thanks to the relevance and recognition of the genre in Venezuela and Colombia, and thus continue climbing positions.


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