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Big Boss Music & AT Publishing Partnership

In partnership with leading independent company AT Publishing, Big Boss Music has set up a music publishing venture to help songwriters, producers, and artists to capitalize on their own talent. We do this by setting up studio sessions with other writers, organizing writing camps, pitching songs to artists and labels, and helping to find collaborations with other artists. With an international infrastructure and offices all over the world, Bossed Up Publishing & AT Publishing can support songwriters globally, both on a creative and administrative level.



BBM'S CEO Amerildo de Krijger is also the Head of A&R of AT Publishing.

Amerildo de Krijger


Amerildo (Big Boss) De Krijger, is the head of A&R at AT Publishing, one of the most accomplished songwriters in The Netherlands as well as internationally and an incredible artist out of his own accord.

He's ahead of the game on all sides, his multifaceted talents compliment each other into the best ally one can hope for in the industry, the best hybrid between business and creative you'll ever find.



 Amerildo de Krijger 



Bossed up publishing is Amerildo's personal "GEMS-ONLY" fund under AT Publishing.

He's hands-on and his signees enjoy the power of having someone with his background in music as well as the privilege of receiving advice from the head of A&R himself. This is his passion project and the people signed under him, get mentored through every process, from music creation to the business side of it.